Ride Atherton 2020 race events

Ride Atherton is committed to the active promotion of cycling on the Atherton Tableland to everyone.  We run several events each year as well as promote all kinds of things cycling related. 

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Thanks for your patience whilst we have been re-jigging our COVID affected events schedule.  Unfortunately we will be unable to run our Elev8 Adventure Weekend including the Elev8 XCM this year.  The King & Queen of the Mountain will also not run; however both events will return in 2021.

We know everyone is chomping at the bit to get out and race and get back in to the MTB community so we are pleased to announce 2 events to finish off 2020…

Find some narrow rubber, pump up the pressure, dig up your prettiest lycra and have a crack at this individual XC race on the newly signed Elev8 loop.  This rejuvenated loop is riding extra fast and smooth after a couple of months of effort by lock-down crazed trail maintenance tragics, though there are still some little gems to re-affirm this is a MTB race!

Full details to be announced shortly…

Lets mix it up a bit, start in daylight and finish after dark! Whether you’re keen to race or just want a great social event, this ticks both boxes.  The course includes sections of rail trail and green single track.

More details soon…